Technical Theatre turns shopping into a great learning experience

Trevor G. Browne CTE Technical Theatre students pose for a final photo of their construction projects.

Technical Theatre students from Trevor Browne High School got some real-world experience by participating in a scavenger hunt at Home Depot earlier this month. The students were given a budget and a list of items to shop for in preparation for a theatre production.

Megan Dunklee, Technical Theatre teacher at Browne, said that not only was this a great way to integrate math and communication skills into the experience, but that it allowed students to learn that finding items and props for a production require time, patience, and imagination.

“When I go purchase supplies for my shows, it always feels like a scavenger hunt and it’s easy to get lost in a large store of so many items unknown to me,” she added. “I wanted to make the kids feel like a professional shopping for a project and feeling like they have a budget and a goal.”