Heard Elementary provides unique teaching experience for Metro Tech students


Heard Elementary Principal, Zariffe Magana, invited Education Professions students from Metro Tech to meet potential cooperating teachers and personnel the students would pair up with throughout this school year. Metro students pictured left to right: Cindy Yahuaca,12; Ezra Mylott,12; Ana Camacho, 12; Angelica Rodriguez, 12; Celeste Gallegos, 11; Yasmin Arango, 12; Claudia Martinez, 12; Gabriela Perez, 12; Valeria Salazar, 12; Cindy Fuentes, 11; Melanie Soto, 11

On-the-job-training (OJT) can be one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences for any student preparing for a career as the Educations Professions students at Metro Tech are soon to learn.

For the past seven years, students in the program been invited to build professional skills and obtain real-world experience by observing classes, designing lessons plans, and even teaching students at Heard Elementary School.

The Education Professions programs prepares students for careers as teachers, instructional assistants, psychologists, speech therapists and any other occupation in a school setting.