Alhambra Culinary Arts Organic Garden

Alhambra High School’s Organic Garden is producing organic corn, pumpkin, a variety of winter squash, and tomatoes this school year. The campus garden encourages sustainability in alignment with the Phoenix City Council adopted eight 2050 Environmental Pillars. It also teaches students about urban agriculture, growing markets, and healthy food options.

The garden has received certification from the Arizona Department of Health Services and hopes to expand in the future by adding a few tress. City Council Member and Mayoral Candidate Daniel Valenzuela took the time to visit the Alhambra Organic Garden and encourage students in their endeavors to create a more sustainable city.

The garden is thriving and is expected to produce twice the harvest compared to last year. The Alhambra culinary students plan to make organic soups and stews with the pumpkins and squash, and roast some fresh corn on the cob.

Alhambra Organic Garden