Technical Theater Teacher Promotes STEM and PBL Lessons

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Maryvale Technical Theater teacher Patrick Shanahan facilitated a workshop titled “A STEAM Approach to Theater Design” at the ACTEAZ Summer Conference.  His workshop guided teachers through the process of building a puppet prototype, integrating STEAM and Project Based Learning in Stagecraft courses.  Shanahan was inspired by an Educational Theater Association workshop and the PUHSD PBL training he attended to develop his own workshop for fellow CTE teachers.

Attendees from throughout the state researched and collaborated to create a puppet prototype that would move on stage in a life like manner using subjects like Biology, Anatomy, Math, and Engineering, as well as the design and art.  By the end of the hour workshop they had a prototype to demonstrate to the group. The workshop was well received and several of the teachers asked for the lesson plans to incorporate into their own CTE classrooms.

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