These CTE teachers illustrate the 6 Cs

At the end of each quarter, CTE teachers are being recognized for their embodiment of the PUHSD’s 6 core values: Being Compassionate; Being Collaborative; Being Committed; Being Courageous; Being Creative; and Being Conscious.  The teachers recognized this quarter are:

William Medina (Being Compassionate): As a new teacher, you have been compassionate by taking a group of students who had been with a substitute for nine weeks and showed them what the auto industry is all about, how exciting it can be, and all of the opportunities it has to offer.  You have jumped in with both feet working toward a NATEF Certification for your program which is no easy feat for one teacher!  When you came into this program as a brand new teacher, you didn’t skip a beat and started making the lab into a real auto facility where the students are proud to work.


Kevin Coe (Being Collaborative): You made a tremendous effort organizing the 2017 SkillsUSA Regional Championships that were held at Metro Tech High School earlier this spring. You consistently communicated and collaborated with all the SkillsUSA teachers, CTE office staff, competition judges, and volunteers to make certain the students were well-prepared and that all the events ran smoothly. Considering SkillsUSA is the largest CTSO, there’s no doubt this was a massive task. This award is to recognize and thank you for all of your hard work!


Allie Prettyman (Being Committed): Allie, you have been so committed to helping your students and fellow teachers.  When we had an unexpected vacancy in Culinary Arts, you jumped in and volunteered to work with the substitute teacher.  You spent countless days at the site working with the substitute and were always available via phone and email.  Thank you for your hard work!



Pat Lively (Being Courageous): Pat, you have been so courageous in trying new instructional strategies with your students.  Your enthusiasm and willingness to jump into the use of One Note: Class Notebook has been awesome!  Leading the initiative in PBL, you have implemented a great project for your students.  Thank you for your continued interest in learning innovative techniques to help your students and all of your hard work!


Mike Rogers (Being Creative): Mike, you have been very creative in your work as a construction teacher.  You have participated in the fourth-year math equivalency credit cohort to help students see math in a contextual way.  You attended PBL training and are working on such a cool project, “The PUHSD Hall of Fame Putt-Putt Course.”  Your positive attitude and willingness to try new strategies is awesome.  Thank you for your hard work!


Kay Olson (Being Conscious): You have done an amazing job implementing the essential elements of PBL in Accounting.  You recognize moments during your instruction where the PBL elements fit well and work for students.  After many years of teaching experience, you continue to reflect on and enhance your instructional practices.  Thanks for all of your hard work and the care you have for your students.