Metro Nursing’s HOSA Raise Money for Pediatric Cancer


Poweziak and Canchola

Nursing students in the Health Occupations Student Organization (HOSA) at Metro Tech High School organized a fundraiser  to raise money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Four teachers volunteered for the hair cut fundraiser. Students at Metro Tech paid to see one of these teachers get their hair shaved off. The teacher who raised the most money at the end of the two week event won the haircut. The winning teacher, Mr. Jesse Poweziak, who teaches Social Studies, raised $156.73.

Additionally a student, Alexis Tafolla Canchola, agreed to have his head shaved if he could raise $100. Metro Tech students gathered their money and raised a total of $139.75. As a result, both Poweziak and Canchola had their hair completely shaved off by Metro’s very own Cosmetology student, Lluvia Farias, in front of the whole school.

Metro Tech students and staff raised a total of $500.54, all of which will be donated to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the #1 leader in Pediatric Cancer research.

Alexis Tafolla Canchola getting his hair shaved.
Mr. Jesse Poweziak getting his hair shaved.